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When you would have a visit with me before OUR CLINIC, you had to jump through several hoops (and tell your story several times) before you got to see me. And when you did get to see me, we only had a few minutes together.

OUR CLINIC is different.

OUR CLINIC eliminates a lot of the waste (both time and money) of a traditional clinical encounter. No rescheduling your entire day for a visit; no jumping through hoops and telling your story several times; no worries about the weather or parking. Through the magic of telehealth, just log in to your video visit and go straight to the source - YOUR Nurse Practitioner.

The same goes for in person visits. No check in; no waiting rooms; parking spots literally steps from the clinic door. You are in and out in less than an hour - and then can get on with the rest of your day.

With all of that extra time, we can have a robust discussion of your symptoms and how they are impacting you and your life, and your health-related goals - and still get you back to your life without having to reschedule your entire day.

At OUR CLINIC, the co-production of healthcare is vitally important to the way I work. Patient and provider each bring something to the table to assess the situation and develop a plan that fits not only the symptoms, but the patient. 

Learn more about this cornerstone to the foundation of OUR CLINIC, the coproduction of healthcare: click here, or here!

At OUR CLINIC, you will be seen, you will be heard, you will be a partner in your health. 

It's not my clinic; it's OUR CLINIC.