do you ever wish healthcare could be . . . different?

Offering primary care services for patients 18 and older.

Let's talk about your goals for your health.

Prices as listed; prices do not include labwork or medications.

If labwork or medication is needed, patient may use their insurance with the lab or pharmacy, or pay cash.

You would like to become a patient at OUR CLINIC - and we'd love to have you! 

In this visit, we will spend plenty of time getting to know each other, what is going well with your health and what some of the concerns that are on your radar. We will create a plan to address any health concerns that are keeping you from feeling your best. We will order labwork to establish a starting point and identify areas to address.

OUR CLINIC is not currently accepting new patients for primary care. Click here if you would like to be added to our waitlist.

​$125 / 45 min


We already know each other. Something came up and you suddenly aren't feeling well and you need to be seen soon.

We will talk and do an exam. Depending on the reason you're not feeling well, we may need to order labs and/or medication.

$55 / 30min

Holding Thermometer

We know each other and we have discussed your health and your health goals. This is where we check in and see how much progress you have made, and adjust our plan for your health.

Depending on our plan for your health, this might be a 30 or 45 minute appointment. We may add labwork as a part of this visit.

$55-75 / 30-45 minutes

Friends Having Coffee

Nothing is wrong - let's keep it that way. 

This visit is for a physical - either an annual check up to make sure everything is on track, or a pre-op check up to clear you for surgery. Maybe your workplace needs you to do an annual physical.

Come on in, and we'll make sure everything is on track - and let you know if there is anything that needs attention. Kind of like an annual inspection for your car. 

(DOT physicals are not available at this time.)

$100 / 45 minutes